What to wear for Camping


Shelby and I did a post about taking Noonday Camping a year ago and as I have been planning for camping lately, I have had a really tough time finding a good post full of outfits for camping so I thought I would do my own!

The key to staying stylish (but smart) while camping is to bring layers!

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Bring things that are ok to get dirty.

Easy Breazy


Pack outfits that can easily mix and match - that way you can change something if you get wet or dirty.

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Bring your no-fail favorites that are the most comfortable of pieces!!!

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Things to remember while packing are: comfort, dirt, layers, and temperature...All things that are variable so you need to be prepared. Especially if you have kids camping with you (which will be a post for Friday!)

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What I'm learning more and more is that it is OK to over-pack clothes BECAUSE - you NEVER know what's going to happen when you're camping. :) Take that as permission to pack more than enough for your time in a tent!

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If you notice, I used two pairs of shorts, one pair of jeans, two outer layers and each outfit has a different shirt. typically you can get away with only packing a couple of bottoms and re-wearing - unless you are spending a lot of time on the water, your bottoms won't be as dirty as the tops will be...also, one pair of walking/hiking shoes would be beneficial and one (or two) pairs of sandals is plenty. Maybe one for the beach and one for daily wear. I didn't show it, but be sure to bring a pair of yoga pants or sweat pants to throw on for the evenings, around the campfire!

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What about you, what would you/do you pack to wear for camping?

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