Happy Birthday to my friend

Shout out to Shelby! It's her birthday today! WOO! In honor of her, I thought it might be fun to share my ideas of making my friends' birthdays special.

If Shelby lived close (as in Minnesota or Wisconsin) I would try my best to celebrate her. I can't always carry out all of my plans but since Shelby doesn't live her and I can't do that anyway, let's imagine and celebrate together here online!

First, my intention is always to text my friend RIGHT away on her birthday - like as soon as I can in the morning!

If she hasn't made plans yet, I would do something to celebrate, either plan on having dinner together or have her and all of the rest of our friends over for dinner and games. I love to make dinner/appetizers for our friends. Sometimes I employ Andrew to cook, especially if we were celebrating Shelby since her birthday is during grilling season! WOO!

Another thing that I would love to do for Shelby on her birthday is to take her out to coffee! I'd make sure to have my boys watched so I could take Shelby to a fun coffee shop (probably a Starbucks because that's what we do) and treat her to her favorite drink!

Then we'd probably wander into Target or the nearest Paper Source store because, PLANNERS. AMIRIGHT?!

At our game night I would serve Shelby's favorite desert made by me and probably Jenny - because that's what Jenny and I do together! :)

Then I'd put Shelby on the spot and make her tell us what game she wanted to play and pester her until she finally just announced one and we would begin the set up that typically takes our people about an hour. And we would play. For hours. Because that's what we like to do together!

Happy birthday Shelby, I wish we were closer so we could celebrate together!!! <3

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  1. Awe, Kayla! You're so sweet! I'm so grateful to all my friends, near and far for all the birthday wishes!