5 simple tips for caring for an indoor fern

I have this fern. I love it. I found it for $6 at Menards and I've heard that they are SUPER easy to care for and don't need a lot of light.

For the most part it has been super simple to keep alive. Except I killed half of it. So, after having kept 1/2 alive and the other died, I learned from it. :)

So, tip 1: be sure to turn the plant regularly if it's not getting some light on all sides!

That brings us to tip 2: it needs indirect light. I have mine up high on a cabinet where it gets some light from the windows but the sun never directly shines right on it. It seems to really like that. :)

3. Trim off dead leaves or branches. If you take them off, the rest of the plant will get more nutrients - otherwise it's trying to nurse those as well. Also, your plant will look a lot more beautiful without scraggly branches hanging around! :)

4. Make sure to check the soil moisture frequently. I usually just shove my finger in the dirt or I just water it when I water my other plants. Whatever comes first... :) They don't need a ton of water or super frequent watering, they just need moist soil.

5. When you water, try to use water that is warm or room temperature. If you use cold water, it could shock your plant and it won't flourish as well.

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Do you have any tips for houseplants or indoor ferns?

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