5 Reasons that I blog about Fashion [and why you should too!]

Today on Wear it Wednesday, Adventurous Shelby and I are talking a little bit about why fashion blogging. While I still don't consider myself a "fashion blogger" per se, I love to post about it and improve on my own personal fashion.

I fell into the roll as a Noonday Collection ambassador because they say that all of their ambassadors are stylists. So Shelby and I dreamed up an idea of improving our own skills and sharing ideas on the blog through a series - Wear it Wednesday. While I have felt from time to time that I should just quit doing fashion posts and find something else to fill my Wednesdays, blogging about fashion has really helped me in a lot of different ways.

If you want to check out the archives of Wear it Wednesday (we're closing in on a YEAR friends!!!!) you can go here to see mine, or here to see Shelby's! We are currently working on rebranding our Wednesdays so bear with our mash of logos here... ;)

For me, my reasons are very personal. Fashion has always been a key component in my identity. I always wanted to stand out. Break the fashion rules. Be unique. I didn't want to look like everyone else. My goals have changed since then but the underlying fact still remains that I find some identity in how I look. I don't focus everything on it, but I get a whole boost of feel good if I put on an outfit that I like.

I think we can gain something by reflecting on Adam and Eve for a moment. Way back when they got kicked out of the garden - yes, it was a dark time and if you're like me, you don't really want to dwell in that spot for very long but just like any other time through out history, my life, other people's lives, if we look deeper - we can see the light.

So, God kicked them out of the garden but before he did that, what did he do? "And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them." Genesis 3:21

Read that again, who made their clothes?

God did.

He shows us so much mercy at our very darkest times.

That is what fashion has been for me. I know you're probably sick of reading about me and all of my identity problems and weight issues, but it's hard to go about day to day when you don't feel good in the clothes (or skin) that you're wearing. But when I found my style and a good way to dress, well - just read on.

1. It has made me examine my own fashion and style deeper than I normally would day to day.

I look at my clothing differently and I have joined challenge after challenge that has made me use what is in my closet, remix and rematch frequently. I have assessed the things that I have, wear and gravitate towards more than I would have on a normal day.

2. I get dressed every day.

The frequent challenges that I have done have prompted me to get dressed even if it's at two o'clock in the afternoon. It began October 2015 with a challenge that Shelby and I did on our IG accounts - we posted our outfits every day. For her, it improved her productivity as a work at home boss lady. For me, it encouraged me to get out of my sweats, smelly jammies and yoga pants. I looked at myself differently and the attitude of my days were improved on because I FELT good. I still wore my yoga pants - they're ridiculously comfy yo. I just improved my outfits to look stylish versus scrubby.

3. I don't feel like I'm wasting an outfit.

I have heard a few different people and felt this way myself before - that if I get dressed and don't do anything I am wasting an outfit. After doing the challenges, I began appreciating the way I felt over concern about wasting an outfit. I use my "off days" as trial days, if I like it on my off day, I can re-wear the combo the next time I go out! Win-win, feel good on an off day, have an outfit for an on day! Voila!

4. It has improved my fashion game & I have learned about myself.

When you do challenges and post frequently, you want people to "like" what you wear. I not only dress for myself, but I dress to inspire others. Like you. That's why Shelby and I do this. So we can share our budget friendly, trendy tips and ideas so you can feel better about yourself and what you wear!

5. I have found my own personal style - what I like, don't like and better ways to flatter my figure.

I am currently going through a 30-day challenge with a few other amazing ladies and we chose to only wear 30 pieces for the month of April. As I chose my pieces, it made me more aware of what I like, what I feel good in and what is the most flattering on my body. I did a lot of research when we first began Wear it Wednesday too. Before I ever go shopping with purchasing new clothes in mind, I scour my closet, peruse Pinterest and make a list of outfits that I want, that will criss-cross and will coordinate well before I purchase anything new. It's a great way to get in touch with who you are as a fashion expert!

6. BONUS!!!! I have found a new confidence in myself, my figure and my style.

All of these reasons could be yours too! You don't have to blog about it or even do it weekly, join an Instagram Challenge or a Facebook Challenge Group or just make your own! Set a few rules for yourself and a time limit and go for it!

Have you done a style challenge? Would you be interested in joining if I started one in May?

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