Joining the spring 30 for 30 challenge

I know it's usually Wednesdays that I post about fashion, but in reality, fashion and style are a much bigger part of my life than just a once a week idea. I am excited to be joining Shawna from Simple on Purpose and Raj of Pink Chai Living along with a bundle of other amazing women bloggers for a 30 day fashion challenge!

For all of April we are limiting our closets to 30 pieces of clothing. Just 30. We aren't including shoes, coats and accessories in that but for our everyday fashion we will be choosing 30 pieces to use, mix and match with all month!

I love these kind of challenges and I can't wait to try out a shortened version of a capsule wardrobe.

I want to be really intentional with what I have in my wardrobe and I am simply DYING to add one of Elegantees newest pieces to my closet.

By the way, I am an Elegantees ambassador and lucky for you, I have a coupon code for you to get 10% off with!!! Continue reading to find it!

So back in December Shelby and I teamed up and did the Dressember campaign challenge. We wore a dress for all 31 days of December and I learned so much from it. You can read more about that here.

I am so excited to learn about myself and my personal style over the 30 days of April. I always feel so encouraged going through these challenges because I learn to view myself differently and appreciate my appearance more.

You can tag along here on the blog (I will post updates now and then), on Instagram via the hashtags: #spring30for30, #kaylas30for30, #kaylascloset30, and of course on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Follow me and my friends to be inspired on our day to day fashions:

Hanna @ Honey and Huckleberries

Ashley @ The Motherhood Journey

Louise @ Talk Nerdy to Me

Shannon @ Adventurous Mama

Shawna @ Simple on Purpose

Roya @ Bitsy Ideas

Nina @ Nina on the Moon

Raj @ Pink Chai Living

Emily @ From Designer to Diapers

Krystal @ Valley Mom

Girls, if I missed anyone, please let me know! :)

Oh yea! I promised you a 10% off code for Elegantees!!! Here it is:

Enter that and you'll get 10% off your whole order. :)


  1. This sounds so awesome! I'm going to love following everyone doing this and maybe I'll join in one month!

  2. Thanks Adriana! Feel free to join in this month, just post photos daily and use the hashtag, #30for30! :) We'd love to have you playing along!!! <3

  3. I'm a part of the challenge too! Cant wait to start :)

  4. Can't wait to begin this challenge :)