Being Refreshed by Good Friends

I am a very relational person. In case you hadn't noticed from the many posts that I have already written here that center on relationships...

I am so energized by spending time with people. More often than not, if I have someone by my side I'm perfectly happy. Probably why marriage is a good fit for me.

Andrew and I both have a heart for hospitality which has been such a fun thing to share between the two of us. My dream for our home has been to have an "open" home where we have a safe place for people to come. A haven of sorts. A place of fellowship and clean fun.

We love hosting birthday parties for our friends and having game nights on the weekends.

My brother and I grew up with a set of sibling friends and after all of the school weirdness was over, we grew close with them again. Andrew has had no problem integrating into friendships with them as well and we quickly grew a core group of close friends to spend time with.

As the years have gone by, our group has grown closer, more appreciative of one another and more adventurous in our get togethers!

We began camping at my inlaw's lake shore property a few summers ago and then we began spending a weekend at a friend's cabin during the winter.

We now have a tradition of a winter cabin weekend and a summer camping trip.

I celebrate these friendships and just cherish them so much.

There is something so special about having close friends with so much freedom in your relationship.

We just got back from a four day weekend at the cabin and although I am tired from late nights and early mornings, I am so thankful to be home and so refreshed from just having a simple weekend away with people I love.

Complete silliness, but freedom.

There is so much freedom to just be ourselves and we love one another for our own selves. There is no pressure, no expectations, we just enjoy one another's company.

We celebrated one of our birthdays this weekend by surprising him with a gift, a song, and a day to celebrate him.

I hope they each know how much I cherish them and appreciate having them in our life. They love our kids like aunties and uncles and our kids love them back in the same way. It's so special to me and I am so blessed to call these people friends.

Love you guys!!!!!

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