Good Reads: The Nesting Place

I cannot go on about sharing good reads without sharing The Nesting Place book by Myquillyn Smith. Can I be honest for a minute?

What am I talking about? Of course I can - that's what the accidental nomad life space is all about!!!

Anywho, The Nesting Place was the first book that I picked up and read all the way through since I had my second boy. The previous book was Be The Mom that I went through with my friend Kristen.

The Nesting Place. So. Good.

When I read a good book I automatically want to buy a copy for every one of my reader friends. Seriously. But I can't, that's not realistic, so I borrow my copy out. I actually haven't read it for three years and as I am typing, I am wanting to go back and read it all over again!

Anyways. We had moved the fall before I got this book. Apparently I had pre-ordered it on Amazon and I got it as soon as it came out. I did not realize that at the time.

With a meager budget this book was quite an exciting splurge for me and did not regret it! We had been foreclosed on which was why we had recently moved and I was trying hard to make our new place "home."

I learned the year before that I had hoarding tenancies so when we moved I tried to get rid of as much as I could. We were downsizing, not a whole lot but there was limited storage space since we were moving from a 3-bedroom house with a basement and two out sheds into a 6-plex with only a slim, single car garage.

I did my best.

I really did love it as best as I could when we moved. I avoided bitterness and resentment toward our new place and decorated and rearranged as best as I could.

Reading this book gave me a whole new sense of worth for our home and I quickly became proud of how cozy we had made it without purchasing much.

Myquillyn shares so openly about their struggle and their moving and how she made her places home for her family. She embraces the imperfections and gives freedom to be thrifty, to be creative and most of all to love the mess of your home.

I can't say enough good about this book, I hope you go and pick up a copy for yourself!!!

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