#31daysofgettingdressed summary

shelby and i decided to use today to recap the whole month of our #31daysofgettingdressed. we did our weekly recaps but today we chose to sum up the month, what we learned, i'll share my most favorited posts from instagram and talk about my overall thoughts on the month.

i couldn't find the photo from Day 28, since my phone broke last weekend it has been harder to capture photos of my outfits (i'm not one for selfies and the weather has been rotten here to go outside and use my self-timer.).

Day 29:

[caption id="attachment_1809" align="alignnone" width="620"]sweater - my mama from christmas | floral top - len | silver jeans - local boutiqu sweater - my mama from christmas | floral top - len | silver jeans - local boutique[/caption]

i gave myself a break yesterday on Day 30. i have been sick, the boys have been sick, we kept bennett home from school, it was rainy, andrew came home from work early, i just chose to stay in my sweatpants yesterday and take advantage of being cozy.

Day 31:

[caption id="attachment_1810" align="alignnone" width="620"]the creative jayne day 31 vest - local thrift store | scarf - vanity | peplum top - tj maxx | golden orbit earrings - noonday collection | moonrise cuff - noonday collection | silver jeans - local boutique[/caption]

things i learned from getting dressed |almost| every day this month:

  1. it helps me appreciate myself more

  2. with just a little effort i can feel better than sloppy

  3. i have to keep my hair short so it's easy to do - it doesn't get done otherwise

  4. i really need more pants...three pairs isn't enough

  5. i need long sleeve shirts for layering

  6. i LOVE vests

  7. i LOVE wearing yellow

  8. wearing a dress all of december is going to be super hard: i didn't wear one even once this month

  9. i don't like crew neck or v-neck shirts. i like scoop necks. a lot.

  10. i want all of the fleece lined leggings. like. ALL. OF THEM.

i guess that's things that i learned about my closet. which is good enough for now. there isn't a lot of deep that i learned beyond what i have already mentioned in several posts already this month.

if you missed anything, here's a recap of the last 31 (minus 3) days:

the creative jayne 31daysofgettingdressed collection

most favorited posts on instagram (30 likes, 29 likes & 25 likes):




i mentioned before that i need more pants, i have three pairs that i re-wear regularly, one of them being yoga pants. i follow a fellow blogger on instagram and she mentioned the other day that "girl you are better than your yoga pants." it was kind of a stab to my emotions, i actually find yoga pants to be very comfortable and i enjoy wearing them. one of the deeper things that i learned this month that i didn't list above is that it really doesn't matter WHAT i am wearing as long as it makes me feel beautiful or confident. (please don't read into this that i am relying on my clothing to fulfill me, there is just a certain dose of confidence that comes from looking appropriate.) i don't think there is anything wrong with wearing yoga pants (or leggings) as long as you are styling them correctly.

if you just throw them on to throw them on and feel like a slob you're not wearing them correctly. but if you throw them on and feel great, you did your outfit right. your clothing should never make you feel "less than." wear what you have with confidence and find ways to make it make you feel great. if there is nothing that you gained from watching my thirty one days, take that away.

wear what you have with confidence and find ways to make it make you feel great.

you are more than what you wear, your identity doesn't have to come from the clothes that you have on your back. it comes from Jesus so if you feel great, thank Him and flaunt it.

did you gain anything from watching my #31daysofgettingdressed? did you do your own?

and now, back to your regularly scheduled program, a normal Wear it Wednesday!


  1. Fun series and fun seeing all the photos in one post. :)

    Also, I loved seeing your hair done so cute!!! :)
    <3 Love you so!