day 1 – an intro to October’s party planning

Welcome back to another solid month of Blogging LOVE!!! I am so very excited about this Write 31 Days Challenge!!! As you can see in my homepage I chose to do Hospitality and Party Planning. I contemplated back and forth what I would be good at, what I had enough to write about and what I was passionate about. As I'm sure you've noticed, posts here at the Creative Jayne have been few. This is due to my recent crossroad...I have been fighting to find my "blogging niche" as so many other bloggers call it. I just don't know where I fit.

I'm not great at doing the whole health thing, see more on that here (nothing has improved). I don't view myself as an expert mom, yea, I do it, yea, I'm home full time, yea, I'm crafty but I just don't feel "qualified" to write about that...I do design, but I just don't feel "Pinterest-worthy" and I don't have new ideas. So, I was going to write about my weight and do a whole October meal plan and get really good at doing a workout routine and all that buuuuuuut I decided it would probably bore you to tears. | you're welcome. |

All that to say, my blood FLOWS to host, my passion is to have people over, to fellowship and laugh together.



It's been almost two years ago already but we were having our friends over EVERY Saturday to play board games (yep, board games!) A whole bunch of 20-something  year olds getting together simply to play games together. Nope, no alcohol involved. None. Just good old-fashioned caffeine-buzzed fun and games. | and sometimes dinner |

Screenshot 2015-09-29 08.48.47

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Screenshot 2015-09-29 08.52.03



Birthday parties have always been a big thing for me too. My mom (as far as I can remember) never missed throwing us a birthday party with all of our friends! So, a year ago I threw each of our friends a birthday party game night. I have also try to do a birthday party for our boys each birthday (Bennett will have his 5th one already this month see more on that later!!!).

Bennett's First Birthday

My hubs and I have loved hosting Thanksgiving for the last 4 years at our home (no matter how small). I shared my Thanksgiving planner here.



One of my aunts told me at Caitlin's bridal shower, that I could plan all of the showers from now on, normally she doesn't enjoy them but I had chosen great games and put together a really nice party. Thanks Auntie, you don't know how much that meant to me!!!! <3

the creative jayne on Caitlin's Shower

So, since I so enjoy it and seem to be so good at it I thought I might share my insights and ideas with you over the course of this 31 days. Stay tuned.

Are you a party lover? Do you enjoy the hosting or the attending?


  1. I'm so glad you're writing about something you love!

  2. I love hosting until the hour before people arrive. Then I go into frantic beast mode (WASH THAT!) (WHERE'S THE) (WE'RE OUT OF). Somehow even my best-laid plans turn into this, and then I have to smack myself out of it before guests com. Ideas for combating my inner beast-host?

  3. haha! oh rachel how i relate! i have allowed myself though to come to a place of remembering that people have come over even on my worst (messiest) days and they keep coming over. they must enjoy something or really love me to keep coming and then i feel better. :)

  4. also, lists. lots of lists. i make at least a million lists before the day of the party: cleaning lists, shopping lists, to do lists, cleaning lists, i haven't done this yet lists, i already did this lists. i'm a mad lister. :)

  5. thanks shelby! it's already been a ton of fun!!! :)