April Goals and Projects

How is it April already?! Where has this year gone that we are almost a quarter of the way through it?! Whew! I haven't ever posted my personal goals here before but I thought it might be fun to share them, after all I'm going for community, right?

the Creative Jayne April Goals and Projects

These weekly goals are actually ones from March but I didn't do great with them so I am going to re-attempt them for April only this time I will have some accountability! (Thank you blogging friends!!!)

1. Write a devotional each week
2. Bennett learn 2 letters
3. Take boys out twice
4. Involve in Mom's Group (will begin happening on the 21st!!!)
5. Read 3 chapters in a parenting book
6. Make progress on my magazine
7. Save $50
8. Blog 3x or more (I've got this one covered but still worth noting.)
9. Do 2 craft projects with the boys
10. Work out each day

I am excited to work on these goals over April. I love that no matter what you can restart wherever you are.
His mercies are new every morning and with the waking of the sun you can reset no matter how bad yesterday may have been.

If you would like a fantastic goal setting resource, check out Lara Casey's Power Sheets! They are amazing and have been great for my goal setting.

What are your goals for April? What things help you to conquer the goals that you set for yourself?

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