My most memorable Valentine's Day

Hi Friend! Grab your coffee and get ready for a great story today. I want to share my most memorable Valentine's day with you. I'll try to be as detailed as possible to make the story a little extra long...we'll see how this goes:

So, my husband and I met on a missions trip in New Orleans that our two churches went on together. We both came from Alliance churches about a half hour away from each other. Unknowingly our paths had crossed multiple times and we never official met one another.

I have shared a little about a high school relationship that I was in that went all wrong and the missions trip happened to be on the tail end of that relationship. Because I was hurting and still looking to fill a void that my previous boyfriend had left it was easy for me to gravitate toward hanging out with new guys. Guys that didn't know about my history or my previous relationship and Andrew was no exception.

He is so polar opposite of that guy that it just made sense to befriend him while we were there. After a week went by of us hanging out and getting to know one another in New Orleans Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend. Literally friend, I dropped my head to my hands and moaned out loud. Andrew simply walked away BUT he didn't give up.

He tried to ride home with me (I took the van while my ex-boyfriend rode the bus with the big group) but alas, my future-mother-in-law wouldn't hear of it. ;)

Our friendship continued on and off for about a year and during that time, I continued to be wishy-washy with him. I know I lead him on and off (it obviously came out ok in the end though). Andrew never gave up pursuing me. After six months or so of that it was Valentine's day. Andrew invited me to go to a spaghetti dinner that his church was having and after they were playing Lady and the Tramp.

I consented but brought a couple of girl-friends with me so it wouldn't feel too date-ish and wouldn't lead him on (eye roll). After dinner was over we were sitting at the table with Andrew and his best friend, Mark.

I don't clearly remember exactly how this part goes but I'll make it up as best I can. Andrew turned to me and said, "Here." I looked down and in his open hand he has a velvet flip-box that could only hold two things, a bracelet or a necklace. My face turned BEET RED. (One thing about me back then, I never blushed. NEVER. I didn't get embarrassed about anything. But Andrew?... Andrew made me blush. Frequently. How did I not know it was love then?!)

Andrew had the most gleeful look on his face as I took the box and opened it not sure what to expect but knowing anything was too much for where I stood in our relationship...

Want to know what was in there!?

Well, do ya?!



Yep. That's right. Red Skittles! You see, Andrew and I had a lot in common at the time and one of those things was a mutual love for the red skittles (personally I LOVE the green ones now that they changed them to green apple). BUT, back then Andrew and I would playfully fight over the red ones.

He had gotten one of the GIANT bags of Skittles from Walmart and picked out every last red one and squeezed them into the precious jewelry box. My face was FLAMING RED. I was so embarrassed and touched to the core. I LOVED what he had done. The fact that he was teasing me while still being thoughtful. I just shake my head at myself from back then. Are you shaking your head too? It's ok if you are, I get it. :)

That was our first ever Valentine's Day and it's the one that I will never, ever forget. There have been other meaningful Valentine's Days but none with a story as epic as this.

What was your best Valentine's Day ever?
<3 Kayla