Mini Notebook Tutorial and Printable

Good Thursday afternoon! I hope your week has been going well and that you have been staying warmer than we have here in good ole Wiscony at 10 below.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to do a notebook how-to and here it is! You will need a few things to get started:

  • First, print off the [ c h e r r y ] notebook cover that I created for you.

  • Paper for your inside pages (you could use notebook paper or just plain printer paper like I did)

  • a Stapler

  • a Cutting board

  • a Bone folder

the creative jayne // mini notebook tutorial

Now that you have everything together go ahead and trim your cover down using the cutting marks on the PDF. Your end piece should be 10x5 unfolded.

If you have a way to, go ahead and score your cover and then fold it tightly with your bone folder.

Trim down your inside sheets to be slightly smaller than the cover.

the creative jayne // mini notebook how to

Fold your inside sheets in half using your bone folder. Start in the center of your page and press to the top then run it tightly from the top to the bottom. Flip it over and run the bone folder up and down tightly. Trim down any overhanging sheets.

the creative jayne // mini notebook how to

Open your cover and place your sheets inside. Set it up like a tent on the table and tap your fold to get the inside pages snuggly into the cover fold. Next comes stapling.

the creative jayne // mini notebook how to

I have a saddle stitch stapler (which means it will reach to the center of almost any size page) but a regular stapler will work just fine.

Hold your pages together TIGHLY, open your book and do one staple at the top. I always do the bottom next to make sure my pages stay lined up just right and then I do the center to add security.

Go ahead and close your book back up and run the bone folder up and down one more time to give it a nice, creased fold.

Viola! You have yourself a fancy little notebook that will fit perfectly inside you purse, Bible case, glove box or wherever! These notebooks also make the perfect travel books for the kiddos. Just pack your Altoids tin with a few color crayons and your kiddos will be entertained for MINUTES! <----- yep, minutes - not hours. My kids never color for hours. :)

the creative jayne // mini notebook how to

BONUS: This notebook also fits into a 5x7 envelope and would make the perfect little happy mail present for a sweet friend. It might take 2 stamps instead of 1 but it's worth it for sure to bring a smile to a friend's face!

<3 Kayla