5 on Friday | 5 Love Languages

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Do you have big plans for your Valentine or are you going to be basking in the love of Jesus to be your Valentine? I thought in honor of the love holiday we could look at the 5 love languages. The following is a trailer for the book but I just thought it was so sweet....

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQsBwRrbS78]

Which love language do you speak? Which does your special someone speak? As a fun little Valentine's Day activity, this link will take you right to the PDF version of their test that you can print out and each find out what language you speak strongest!

Personally I speak receiving gifts the strongest by a pretty long shot. Second for me comes acts of service. What's interesting is to look at my relationship and see a need for all of it at one point or another. Can you see that in your own relationship as well?

Have a happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!
<3 Kayla


  1. I am a quality time and acts of service. My husband is quality time and touch.

  2. Awesome! I love knowing what one another's languages are. It really goes a long way in our relationship.