January is for fresh beginnings

So. I have spent the last couple of days devoting all of my spare time to a. ready for baby Elliot to come along and b. prepping, planning, revising and reviewing the goals for my blog and business. I now have a game plan in place as well as some SUPER big goals that I am looking forward to initiating. A few fun things are coming up as well. Firstly I'd like to share my goals with you though:

1. I want to partner with a mission/organization to help support them in any way that I can whether it's donating some time, some graphics or making a couple of products that full proceeds to go them. I was in contact with a local mission that does some work in Kenya, Africa and I am very excited about the opportunity! I will update you on the progress of that as I learn more and get more figured out.

2. I want to develop a magazine that helps raise awareness of missions. Missionaries that are on their way out the door, fundraisers that need some help, adoptive parent's stories and processes as well as to offer free advertising to small work at home momtreperneurs, reasonable advertising for companies that partner with artisans and features for their artisans. It is going to be a big job and a big process but hopefully by next January I will be announcing the very first issue!!!

3. I want to make products that speak to your life. Things that are going to be useful, helpful and purposeful. If you have thoughts, ideas or needs that you would like to share with me I would absolutely LOVE to hear about them!!!  <3

Now, onto the upcoming fun. TOMORROW I will be opening sign up for a tea exchange! January is Hot Tea month and I thought it would be so fun to do a swap in celebration of that, who's in?! Anyway, there will be a sign up open tomorrow through the 14th. I might add on a giveaway box as well but haven't decided yet. Perhaps I will do it in the middle of sign ups...

the Creative Jayne warmandcoztea2015 january tea exchange 2

Friday I am going to be sharing about using Lara Casey's Power Sheets and what I think of them. I also have a discount code to share with anyone that's interested. I believe it is 10% off! What a deal!

Also coming up, I am having my mom, Kathy Schwanke, guest post about the other side of motherhood. I am excited to see what God puts on her heart to share with us.

I have a Blog Series in the works about making a functional family binder, the first post will be this coming Monday. Be sure to sign up for my email list so you don't miss any part of that!

Lastly, I want to remind you about the Root Collective (which is an affiliate link). Right now they have a TON of great sales on a bunch of their products: shoes, scarves, necklaces (the one in the photo below is on sale)...Go give them a looksie if you haven't in a while.

the Creative Jayne for the Root Collective

Anywhoo, that is my game plan so far, some of my dreams and goals for this year. I hope you are as excited as I am about what's coming up and I hope that you stick around to share the joy with me! I love the community that is growing around here and I am just so excited for the things going on right now.

<3 Kayla

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