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Besides the baby basics, after having two babies already there are a few things that I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT GO WITHOUT!

the Creative Jayne 5 on friday baby must haves

Here's 5 of them:

1. Eddie Bauer's Bundle Blanket

the creative jayne 5 on friday 5 baby musthaves

I LOVE this thing for having winter babies. It eliminates the need for blankets, coats and all the rest of the winter gear. We obviously still used hats and mittens and sockies when we needed to but I never worry about them losing their blankies or getting too chilly on the way out!

2. the Baby Bjorn

the creative jayne 5 on friday 5 baby musthaves2


This thing is fantastic to carry baby in. With our second, I used it to be able to let Bennett play in the snow for a while. I wrapped a blanket around it and my body heat kept babe nice and toasty. It was also nice to wear to the airport when we went to Texas to celebrate Daddy's BMT graduation!

3.  the Boppy Pillow

the creative jayne 5 on friday 5 baby musthaves3


I LOVE this pillow. I didn't use it a lot with our first one. I didn't really appreciate it enough at the time but when number two came, I took this thing EVERYWHERE with us. I LOVE it for nursing at night and then when Babe begins to be interested in sitting up. It's even helpful for tummy time!

4. a LIGHT nursing shawl similar to these:

the creative jayne 5 on friday 5 baby musthaves 4

1 is a DIY nursing cover found here.
2 is on found on Etsy here.
3 is another DIY found here. (this is the one that I chose to try out.)

Disclosure, this is personal and probably gross, but when I nurse babies, I SWEAT so the heavy nursing covers just don't work for me. I also can't handle having my back exposed when I nurse, I want something BIG to drape over me so these are the perfect options!

5. Cloth Diapers (but not for diapering)

the creative jayne 5 on friday 5 baby musthaves 5

I have had two really spitty babies and the cutesy little burp wrags hold nothin on these guys! They are super absorbent which means the spittle isn't gonna just dribble off - YUUUSSSSSSSS! They also come in affordable packs which means when they turn really yellow and you just can't bear to be seen in public with them they are easy to replace! I always pack a few of these in our new baby diaper bags.

So there you go. If you'd like to do a 5 on Friday head over here to link up!

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Happy Friday friend!
<3 Kayla


  1. Cloth diapers are definitely a must have. I used them for everything!

  2. They absolutely are! So convenient! :)