what to do when your computer crashes

Ye, that's right, my computer crashed. Either the day before Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving day, I don't remember which, I didn't put much concern on it. No, I don't have everything backed up safely... No, I'm not panicking, surprisingly enough. I JUST finished passing a couple of projects off so if there is anything lost, at least my clients have their pieces  my new projects I just consulted on on Saturday so it eliminated a lot of work there. All of my stuff is easy enough to reproduce so far...Most of my products my printer has and will be more than happy to pass them back to me and my photos, they are almost all on Dropbox. As I am typing this it's looking more and more bleak to me BUT I am almost 100% positive it's just a hard drive issue and not a memory loss thing. So we will see. It has an appointment with the local computer doctor and they will hopefully be able to revive her quickly and effectively.

In the meantime, I am having to re-arrange all of my posts because I was going to kick off a give away of an all-new, custom blog header, buttons, and so on but since I don't have my programs to work on right now that will have to wait. I am taking this as a simple, lay back and be focusing on the reason of the season and am working on not getting lost in the commercialism and business of the season and trying to post every day. I am still going to try to post every day but they aren't going to be as long and elaborate as I was initially intending them to be during December.

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Today the boys and I are going to decorate our tree and later this week I am going to share our Advent with you and MAYBE a printable, I'll have to see if I can get my document or not.

I took a little break here to take out the garbage, get a couple of packages in the mail and snap a couple of photos that I can use, had to reset my Dropbox password and email and looked at a couple of blog updates that I had received. I want you to go and read this one today because it is so beautiful and refreshing. It is full of heartache but hope, hurt but love. Her story is beautiful and I just really think it is such an encouragement to really appreciate our own situations right here and now.


This post is just a really good stopping point. What I am going to do while my computer is crashed is take a little break from the work that I have been pushing myself to get done and just bask in the joy of the season and spend more time focusing on teaching my boys the real meaning of Christmas. Beyond the presents which are fabulous, I want them to really learn the joy and passion of GIVING instead of getting. And appreciating what they have and the people that they have. What a fun opportunity to be able to teach our children these precious things.

Have a great day friend!



  1. What a tender story she has. . . .
    Glad to see you are able to use the old HP. :)
    Love you!

  2. It really is. It's really precious to follow along with her journey right now. Love you too mom. :)

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