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As I was looking through my stats this past Saturday I noticed a search was used to bring someone to my blog and the key words were "a thanksgiving letter to my husband" I thought that was neat. I decided, maybe I would write a letter to mine too. And the I thought, ya know, maybe I will start writing one every year and when our boys graduate from high school I will make it a part of a gift to them. So here it is:

Andrew, my sweet, loving and patient husband.

I could not be more thankful for you as I sit here and look back over our last 5 years together. We have endured so much and you have been so gracious with my shortcomings as a person, a wife, a lover and a friend. Even before we were married you looked past my flaws and saw me. I am so richly blessed with your partnership. My love for you only continues to increase as each of us change and grow in Christ. Andrew, I am so thankful for the way that you lead our family. You have worked so hard for our entire married life to provide for us and to be the best provider that you can be. I love seeing your maturing in this area - leaning on our Heavenly Father to provide you with the necessities to provide for our family.

The sacrifice that you made during Bennett's first year of life by going to Basic Training changed you immensely and strengthened us together so much. It was so worth it and still gives me joy and pleasure to remember the difficulties but the beauty from the hardship. Thank you for your continued service and sacrifice for our Country and our family. Our boys are so blessed to have you as a daddy.

You are such a wonderful father figure for them. I am so thankful for your investment in our children and how much you strive to be active with them and to bestow your love on them. Your wisdom as a father has grown daily and I could not be more content with you as the father of my babies. I remember talking shortly before we got married about how exciting it would be to have babies together and the adventure of children has immensely measured up and even past the expectations and excitement that I had back then. What joy it brings to my soul to think of our family growing and expanding as a whole. All of us together. With you as a huge and active part of our picture.

Andrew, thank you for picking up the responsibility of our bill paying and our money management. As I have seen you grow in this area I have been blown away by how much you have stepped up to the plate and I am so relieved and blessed by it. You help in the areas that I fear the most, your strengths balance my weaknesses. What a beautiful picture of Christ's church. In all my shortcomings, you balance me, we are like puzzle pieces and we fit together just right.

Even as I think, wow, we've been married for 5 years now, it seems so short to me. I can't help but think there is so much more to come for us. 

I love you.

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Bennett, my little blessed one.
My sweet firstborn, my headstrong, self-assured, confident boy.

How thankful I am to have you as my son. How blessed I am to see you grow, to see you mature and to see you learn who you are. I am so very proud of you. I am so thankful for the gifts that our Maker has given to you. I can't help but imagine what big things our Heavenly Father has in store for you with your confidence, self-assured and headstrong personality. You are such a sweet, giving person. You are so caring and helpful. I cannot wait to see you grow into a young man. You are going to do such wonderful things in your life. Your creativity and ingenuity are so fun to watch. 

As you sit on our bedroom floor building with your legos I love hearing your little chatter and your processing. You are always planning something, imagining something or running. You run everywhere. I am so thankful for a young boy that is as energetic as you. You are so healthy and even that little cast doesn't keep you down.

I am so thankful for the ways that God has used you to grow me as a mama and as a person. As I may fail as your mama now and then, you are so forgiving and loving. 

It blesses my heart so much every time we are getting ready to go somewhere and you walk in and say, "You look so pretty Mama!" Your little compliments go so far in people's hearts - especially your mama's.

I love you so, awesome boy!

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Parker, my little spitfire.

You are such a little light. You just shine. Your smile, your love and your affection is just the sweetest. You melt everyone that sees you and I adore you for that. I am so thankful for the love that you have for your big brother. How much I see your adoration for him and how much you want to be just like him. You are so headstrong and confident, you know exactly what you want and you won't be turned from it. I cannot wait to see how Jesus uses these traits in your life. You are wildly energetic and just love affection. What a fun combination. 

I just love you and your sweet little cheeks to kiss. I love your affection and your attention to what's going on around you.

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Elliot, my precious little unborn son.

Little number three, another that never is still. You are constantly moving around inside of my womb. What a precious gift it is to have such an active babe. Not for one minute do I worry about your health. You are so strong and vivacious. You don't let me forget for a moment that you are there too. Moving and enjoying life right along with your brothers even before you are born. Interacting with your daddy and bringing such joy to him and I. I am so thankful for you my number three. You are wonderfully sweet and we cannot wait to meet your sweet activeness!

the creative jayne // coffee talk \ thanksgiving thankful letters @kaylajayne14 @kayla_j_nelson

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you have special people in your life to be thankful for you. I am thankful for you. Thank you for reading, for traveling this journey with me and for keeping up with me. I hope that I am sharing good encouragement and ideas with you and that you are learning from my possible mistakes and road bumps as well as my successes!

Have a happy Thanksgiving friend!
<3 Kayla


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