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So the 31 days challenge is over now and I only missed one post, I feel pretty good about that! Going into it I didn't consider myself a writer but as we went along, my mom encouraged me that I am and if I stop and look at what I do, what projects that I have produced, most of them include writing. I do have a gift and I can own up to that. I still don't consider myself a writer per se but I do enjoy it and it is beginning to be a BIG part of what I do and what I am becoming as an artist.

On that same note, I never considered myself as an "artistic" artist and in that I mean paper, pen, paint and such type of an artist but as I develop my style, follow other artists on Instagram and pin on Pinterest I find myself more and more drawn to the hand-done look. Being on a very tight budget for my business I can't afford to purchase all of the graphics that I would like to or the licenses that I need to use the artwork that I LOVE so I have been forced to sit down with a pen and paper and sketch what I like. They are very simple little sketches but in doing so, I fall in love with my work even more. I am working really hard at taking inspiration from other artists and using them as a place to begin, NOT copying. Developing my own rather than just being EXACTLY like everyone else.

A few of the girls that I follow on Instagram have been discussing copy-cats and comparison on their blogs and I find myself struggling with comparison. I am very proud that I have not been a copy-cat, it's hard not to be when everyone's artwork is so beautiful and you love their idea but in order to be your own and not hurt someone you have to find ways around copying. Really rely on Christ and his creativity to work through you. I pray that that is what I have been doing rather than just ripping someone off. I realized this morning that I have been struggling with comparison as well. I find myself watching the girls that have shops celebrating birthdays and girls that are going to craft shows to sell their product and girls that have new lines coming out and it's been hard for me not to feel discouraged about my shop not moving along very quickly but I have to remember that it's all in God's timing. Those girls have worked VERY hard in their pasts to get to where they are and I can only hope that I can be as dedicated to myself and my business as they are to theirs. I admire them and look up to them for what they do. I hope that I can learn from them and gain from their posts and encouragement to themselves.

I am having to keep this verse in mind:

the Creative Jayne _ behind the artowork _ Colossians 3.23

If you need a reminder of this too, you can go ahead and download that for yourself! Click the photo as per usual. :)

Along with that lovely verse print, I have some cute little Thanksgiving clip arts for you to download and use for yourself:

the Creative Jayne // behind the artwork \ Free Clip Art

This is the first time that I am offering clip art so you will have to let me know if you have any troubles with this. If so you can email me at kayla.j.nelson[at]outlook[dot]com.

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