How Coffee (or tea) and Thoughtfulness Can Work Together

One of my favorite "mom escapes" is getting to meet up with a friend at a coffee shop. It just has such a nice atmosphere, there's no pressure of what you have to do, or buy, or when you have to leave. It's casual, cozy, warm, it ALWAYS smells good, and it prompts deep and caring conversations.

There's just something about having a conversation over a warm beverage that makes you feel close to the person that you're with. I don't fault the millennial generation for this obsession at all. (Ok, yes, I am technically a millennial, but what most people think of a millennial doesn't describe me and I believe there's a clear line of when the "millennials" started and a slim selection of those of us that were born in the generation, but before millennials happened...more on that another time...)

In the middle of the warm, comforting, coffee shop meet-ups, there's a fine art that's been lost on a lot of people, particularly those of us that were born in the millennial generation, and the one before us.

The art of thoughtfulness. I don't mean that no one's thoughtful and I'm not taking a stab at anyone, I just believe that the older generations know better, how to truly appreciate and show appreciation.

I see bloggers talk about bringing a hostess gift to every event they go to and I LOVE this idea. Most of the time I'm hosting, and the few times that I go elsewhere to a hosted event, I haven't had the money for a gift, yes - even a small one, but I LOVE the idea. Where did it come from? I'm not real sure, but it's such a simple gesture of appreciation.

Coming from someone that speaks the love language of gifts, little gestures of appreciation and love go a LOOOOOONG way. I have had to adapt my love language to give more than just physical gifts and I like to think that I've been able to be extra creative in the things that I give when I don't have money to spend.

A few ideas of thoughtful gifts for a friend are simple things like quick breads or meals - you can make these typically with things already in your fridge. Just the fact that someone put some effort into something warm, delicious, and comforting means so much!!! Passing on books, "here, I just finished this and it was SO good, I thought you might enjoy it too." Even hand-me-downs, "I don't wear this, ever, do you think you would? I thought of you when I thought of passing it on!" "I was walking past the Target dollar section and this $1 desk accessory had your name ALL over it!!!"

It's really simple, little things that lets a person know that they crossed your mind. You always like that, don't you?

With the Tea Exchange registration happening, here are a few ideas to get your juices pumping on those gifts too:

Find a local tea shop or coffee shop, one that does their own teas or sells loose-leaf teas, these are SO fun to find and gift because they are so unique. Don't forget to send some tea-bags or a manatea along with it so they can enjoy their warm beverage!!! You can find them (and even a sloth!) on amazon. You may be able to find them for less, elsewhere though. Look around!

Tea towels are a fantastic idea, get them in your swap partner's favorite color and you're golden. Ha! :) You can find beautiful ones on Etsy, Target dollar section sometimes has sets of linen hand towels or cloth napkins. Another great spot is TJMaxx, my sister-in-law is the wizard of finding things here (and Amazon - but that's another whole beast itself...)

Since you're at TJMaxx, grab a cute journal, stationary set, magazine, candle, or room spray to add in!!!

You might even find some adorable jewelry or a fun bag on sale somewhere! The possibilities are endless.

A new set of headphones (always found at the counter or the dollar section) are so handy to have, I ALWAYS seem to loose mine.

Theme your box and throw in all things spa like.

Do a pamper theme and drop in some polish, a bracelet, a travel size body mist and a lotion.

A wanderlust theme, grab a journal, a pack of fun pens, some twinkle lights from the dollar section, stickers and a dreamy candle.

The crafty gal, stickers, paints, paint pens, envelopes, a pad of craft paper, glue sticks and a crafty mug (better yet, craft the mug yourself or give her one to do herself)!

The homebody, get her a candle, a magazine, a cute print in a frame, a cozy throw blanket (you can find them for $5 with some searching).

And of course, don't forget to throw in a snack, a tea and a cup or mug.

Be creative, thoughtful and put some time into what you give - it will mean so much!!!