5 Ways to Wear the Same Dress in the Winter

Shelby and I are going to begin Dressember again on December 1st. One whole month of wearing a dress. You can wear one dress all month or mix them up. The toughest part that scares everyone is how to do it, "I don't have enough dresses", "I wouldn't know how", "I'm just not creative enough", "It's December, it's too cold..." and on and on the excuses go.

To help you out, and show you it CAN be done, Shelby and I are sharing 5 ways we style our dresses!

I have chosen to show you the same dress 5 ways, head over to shelbyclarkeblog.com to find out what she's sharing.

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If you have enough accessories and outer layers it's really easy to get creative. Although it's not my personal style preference, people even wear dresses over jeans all month. Add leggings, tights, boots, leg warmers, etc to really make each outfit stand out from another. We'll talk more of accessorizing later on this month, though.

If you are even on the FENCE about joining, just sign up! It's about the most simple thing you can do to help stand against sex slavery. It's real, it's happening and it's a lot closer to home than you realize.

So make a profile on the Wear it Wednesday team and join us in the simple act of wearing a dress for 31 days to make a stand against sex slavery - help bring awareness and support for organizations that are actively on the field rescuing CHILDREN, men AND women from a heinous life.

If we can do it, you can! :)

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