A story of restoration from destruction – part 2

He answered finally (it was like 7 am and he is NOT a morning person). My heart skipped but I looked past that and told him what happened. His response?

“Why are you being so stupid?”

If you missed part one, go here and read this and then come back and finish the story:

I was completely taken aback. I mean, who says something like that when you are hurting and looking for comfort?!

Someone that really loves you, that's who.

He knew that what I needed was NOT some "poo-poo, oh you poor thing comment." What I needed to hear was the TRUTH. I needed to be slapped upside the head and shook until I realized truly, how dumb I was being.

And maybe that's what I was actually looking for, I don't really know.

I just remember being dumb-struck at how deeply he cared for me. All of my friends up until that point would side with me, get mad and feed my anger and bitterness. Andrew was completely different. He wanted me to STOP acting how I was acting because he honestly cared for me.

I wish I could remember more clearly the timeline of things and more details of what happened and when but I cannot. I do remember that at one point Andrew sent me this song saying how it made him think of me. It was kind of a stab at me/kind of a compliment, I took it in the best way just because I love the song. No, it's not a Christian band or song and take the words at face-value and it's really a cute song.

Even after that I still wasn't convinced that I wanted him to be the one but I warmed up to him. He hung around a lot and my dad kept calling him Adam. haha! My dad struggles with names. All names. I usually became Kathy-Ellen-Eth-wait-Kayla! :)

I finally gave in on July 17th after Andrew continued to pursue me and ask me to be his. <3

I remember after that, standing in his parents' driveway in his arms, looking up at the starry sky and talking to him. He had mentioned before that he had heard a whisper saying that I was the right one for him and I wanted to know more about that now.

He told me that he had been praying about what he should be doing with his life after school and he had a whisper to pray for his future wife. So he did.

And then when we were in New Orleans, he walked into the dining hall for the first time and he froze. There was a girl in the booth across the room that mesmerized him and God whispered to his heart: "You will marry her."

The rest, as they say, is history.

He was my hero from the first day that we met right through today.

What is your love story? How did you meet your lifelong love?

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  1. Beautiful story! Love is the most powerful thing in the world! I knew I would marry my now husband the day I met him. He was just so perfect and so "right' for me. I am so proud to be his wife and so happy I get to share so much of my life with him! We actually met online! My first online date turned out to be my last :)

  2. Thank you! It really is. That's a fun story! I've actually heard of a couple people that have met online and it was their first/last online meetup. Just wonderful! How long ave you been married now?

  3. I'm such a sap lol. Love these stories. Mine was completely not what I thought it would be but looking back it was clearly God's plan all along it just took us a long time to figure that out. Even through all the pain we went through together I was do it again knowing that our marriage is what it took for my husband and I come to Him and have Him restore our marriage and ourselves.

  4. That's so lovely, Kayla. He sounds like a wonderful man, like a real partner and friend. I've loved this!

  5. Thank you, Christina! He really is. :) I'm glad you enjoyed my story! <3