Wear it Wednesday | Volume 8: Cmon Boots |

Get yer Texas on! -der-der-der-der-ya ready-yea-get yer texas on...

yea...about that. I'm not a Texan like Shelby is. I am, however one of them thar northerner folk. We like our boots about as much as those wild Texans do. I can't say that I have legit reasons for owning boots. I jumped on the pinterest boot and shorts craze a couple of years ago and I can't say that I regret it. I have worn them for a lot actually. I wore them in two weddings and to the county fair which is a HUGE thing around here. (we're real hillfolk here) Haha! We really aren't THAT redneck but seriously though if you cross the highway that we live by it's like a whole other world...Being the poorest county in Wisconsin (also the highest meth producing county...) Really this isn't about how hick I am and this isn't to say that boots are hickish!

Shelby and I are proving quite the opposite on this Wear it Wednesday edition, take a look...

First up we have a nice, country church look:

2015-06-06 19.49.18

I paired my fancy boots with my flowy dress (yes - a FIFTH way to wear this one!!!), my Cheveron Block Print bag, Laura Earrings and an arm party consisting of the Voyager Cuff and the Sofiya Wrap bracelet.

Next, take a look at this classically country style...

Paired with a lacy top, black skinnies, the Kampala Necklace (on sale), the Laura Earrings again and an arm party of the Sofiya Wrap, Clustered Bracelet in Berry and the Entwined cuff this look gives a very chic kind of country feel!

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_11

I saved the best for last, obviously - Shelby calls this one Daisy Duke, I call it County Fair - your classic cut-offs and boots look. A simple and comfy style: I have a simple Target Mossimo Tshirt with a lacy-sleeved sweater (also Target), the Rachel Necklace, Calypso Earrings and a pre-made arm party of the Bazaar Bangles makes this an easy, go-to look for me!

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_28

And there you have it! If you need more inspiration, head over to my pinterest board. You will find it RIDDLED with boots outfits. I love me some boots.

Stay tuned for new fall items and posts (every other week!!!).


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