Wear it Wednesday | October Capsule | Week 3 Recap

Week 3...I've kind of felt like October has dragged on and on and on...but at the same time it flew by. How does that even happen???

Here's the recap of the last week.


What I’m learning…I mentioned last week how I need more bottoms. This week I have been feeling the temperature drop and the lack of warm, cozy, and long sleeves that I've got...More on that to come.


Nah bro!


Let's just say ew. I never should have pre-snapped photos of my outfits...

Outfits beginning last Thursday:

20160926_150033-1 20160929_091119 20160929_092053 20160929_092516 20160929_093021 20160929_093726 20160929_094921

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