Wear it Wednesday | October Capsule | Week 2 Recap

Mmmkay...I did it again...I forgot to fill today's post with anything. Shelby and I are recapping the last week of our #wiwcapsulechallenge - only week 2 but it feels like week 15...

I've come to decided that quantity capsuling is not for me. It's so hard to know as far as seasons go what the weather will be like. And what I feel like. I always change what I like to wear and what I don't. Part of my problem is I just don't have enough pants that I LOVE. I LOVE my yoga pants and that's about it. They fit me well, I don't have to do too much adjusting every time I change positions, and they're comfy.


What I'm learning...I need more bottoms. I'm ok only having a couple, but when they are ones that I just don't like, I don't wear them. I have yet to find that winning brand/pair that I need to have 4 of to complete my life. My tops are ok, I've done well so far with them, I think I could use some comfy sweaters included in my capsule. Less overwear, more pieces that can stand on their own.




This week has been a lot more of a struggle for me, not to mention personal struggles, it doesn't make me want to get up and look good - I want to get up and be comfy.

Outfits beginning last Thursday:

20160926_095035 20160926_095800 20160926_142521 20160926_143144 20160926_144208 20160926_144645-1 20160926_145349

Stay tuned for more outfits next week!

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