Bible Journaling Class

As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to have my own classroom and do all of the organizing, I wanted to write on a chalkboard and have all of the desks in cute little rows. I just didn't want the bills, the schooling and all of the rest that teaching entails (you feel me teacher friends?).I always feel very blessed to have the opportunity to teach my children at home and I have taught Sunday school classes and backyard Bible clubs and so on but there has still been a little tickle in my heart to expand that teaching.

I dreamed up this idea called, Classes & Coffee, a few years ago now and nothing ever came of it. We just weren't in the right spot in our lives for me to take on something like this.

Now, however, I feel the tickle igniting into a spark and I am praying about this and processing it and developing it still.

I was wondering if you would help me. The very first class that I want to offer is for Bible Journaling. To begin, it is going to be a small, intimate class consisting of only local people, but your answers would mean so much to me. After I do one or two small, local classes, my goal is to develop it into a webinar so that I can connect with all of you through it as well.

Would you please take a couple of minutes and answer the questions that I have for you? There's only 5. :)

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Thank you so much, I really, REALLY appreciate it!!! If you're excited about the possibility, would you please share with the buttons below, to spread the word about it?

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